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censored elf eushully eyepatch himegari_dungeon_meister lily_(himegari) megane naked nipples pointy_ears pregnant pussy tail wings yakuri

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should probably add a "knocked up" tag or something. :)
balthasar said:
I wonder how your text didn't get word wrap...

Ah ha, yeah, don't use too many underscores.
I guess deep down demons and humans are just about the same, eh?

If there really is a tag needed then "multiple_pregnancies" should get the message accross... wait, that's not right either.
Oh you body must like this game called 炎の孕ませ転校生..
Awesome game ;p I love Miyasu Risa's art though so. Couple of other games similar to that with similar names too, with art by the awesome Akaza that I rather like. Again mostly due to the artist though.
Shouldnt the elf tag be added?
there was no need to ask! just tag right away when it's really obvious.