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chii chobits clamp cleavage

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(Ugh...stupid pain.)

So~ Boss-kun...what type of test are you performing? Care to share with me?
Checking if the scan quality is better than the old one. I've rescanned them with color fixed and less screening. Comments are welcome.
Well...checking from the old one and this, this one seems better to me in my eyes...but hey you need professional advice from the other mods and admin I'm sure.

Hey parts of her hair are in the tree branches.
The parent post has higher contrast, but a few detail is lose from the screening. Personally I like the parent post better cause it doesn't have that fabric like texture.
The colour on this one seems some what better. Chii's skin looks more skinlike I think than the child. The child post Chii has very yellow skin.
You've lost too much detail. The background looks like a watercolour painting now, and the picture is generally blurry. Looks almost as if you've applied a Gaussian Blur.
You've done a much better job with the other 2 scans. I appreciate the lack of Jaundice.
welp...the background is supposed to be like that in the book. Anyway..i'll post a raw scan so you can see for yourself. If someone can do a better edit i'll up them all somewhere.

Edit: Aurelia showed me some good halfway filtering, i'll try some test later and up to compare.
syaoran-kun said:
welp...the background is supposed to be like that in the book.
A photo of the page, or the RAW scan would help.