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over 10 years ago
I've noticed moe has been getting increasingly "juicy" over the past couple of months. No complaints here, but the site seems to be losing it's focus on specifically "moe" content.
eh it happens, although I have alot more explicit scans I'd like to upload but I'm refraining from doing so..
There have been 'explicit' scans in the past as well. As long as they are correctly tagged I don't have any problems with them on imouto.

Dovac please upload them.
over 10 years ago
Yes. I agree. Please upload them dovac. I'd like to see 'em.
Someone suggested a ero.moe.imouto.org for hr ero scans. Basically a clone of this software on another subdomain just for ero, good idea?
ero.imouto.org? Sounds interesting.
Probably later tonight/early tomorrow it'll be up and running on a test basis.
That sounds like a fantastic idea! I look forward to your test site, Dovac.
Its live, you'll have to sign up again though, sorry.