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Holy shit, damn, heck, the sexiest Rin I've ever seen! Such an amazing ass! I love thong swimsuits and asses! In fact, I think I've never seen Rin with a thong swimsuit before, and this is superb! This revision looks SO much better than the original work! The artist has improved a lot!
I changed this from 'safe' to 'questionable', but you changed back to 'safe'. OK, your call. I'm someone who is always changing the ratings in safe posts that are incorrectly rated as questionable to safe, specially that there are some people in this site that are overly-sensitive towards tasteful sexiness; but for this one, even I think it's not safe. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable looking at this picture with strangers (or co-workers/boss) looking over my shoulders. It's an overly and intentionally showy and attractive image, and also a bit sexualized. Based on howto:rate, I wouldn't consider this a "tasteful swimsuit" image.