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Hidden by her skirt. She would have to have some huge butt or other weird anatomic issues to be able to see it below that skirt.
Something does look wrong...
I think that her butt should be at least a bit showing, next to her legs part. You know, the socks + leg part.

It does look strange, but the picture is still pretty.
It's actually hard to be in that kind of position, try it yourself. I mean without having your bottom to touch your legs. As long as you're in that position you'll have to use your leg-muscles so it's kind of uncomfortable. That's why this picture looks odd
You are right, Azarel. This is why it's nice to take a photo of someone making a pose before trying to draw it. Mmmm hard thing is to find models...
A carnivore sit half way while hunting a prey \(>ヮ<)

Poor cat.

I knew it. Her eyebrows tells you everything.
Stop spreading rumors related to MAH Tsumugi D:<
Oooo sorry.

Well, you were warned. Lol