animal_ears cleavage himari matra_milan nekomimi omamori_himari pantsu

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can some1 take out the words?>.> pls
it doesn't need special skill. if you want, I'll tell you how to do ;)
too lazy to ,can u do it?XD and i don't have photoshop or nethin D:
Saying how lazy you are is a good way to guarantee nobody will do anything for you...
A basic way of removing the words is:
1 - Save this image to somewhere on your computer.
2 - Find the image and Open with Paint or Ifranview...or something similar...or advanced.
3 - Erase the words by using the Eraser option on the toolbox (Paint). Ifranview...something.
4 - Save the changes.

All computers.....MOST computers have Paint...I think.
Using the above options may reduce the quality a little though so keep that in mind.

I think I need something better than those options I listed when I need to edit certain images.
NinthAltima said:
Open with Paint or Ifranview...or something similar...
Your advice made me chuckle.
Radioactive said:
Your advice made me chuckle.
Well at least he didn't suggest notepad
B-b-but notepad can do ANYTHING! It is the GOD APP :D