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The grey lines, major headache. Eventually had to redo a lot with a new monitor so I might redo a few in this pool if I feel up to it.
Three 2-page images are not done yet. Will finish those up over the next few days.
monitor check time for every user :D
if you can't see these stripes clearly, then your monitor is dying :p

btw, the artist name is 爆天童 (bakutendou), the circle name is 爆天堂 (bakutendou). same pronounces but different names.
The new Samsung P2350 serves me well. Now I can clonestamp even more obsessively -.-
Bakutendou is win, love his art (especially these images, azusa is so cute here). Also, I see the lines perfectly clearly, guess my monitor is fine then :p My old 19" CRT in its final days (some years back) wouldn't have rendered those lines AT ALL it was that bad lol It was so dark it displayed yellow as red :D