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Thank you Dovac for constantly providing such high quality HR images. In other words, thanks for making me brutally rape my bandwidth so often. Also, from post 9668 to 9682, they're all images from Shuffle!, so if you want to add that to the tag list go crazy. (I don't know how to tag stuff =P)
Oops, usually I tag when I'm done with all the uploads....which will take quite some time..the routing between me and the server has gone to hell the past hour..
Next batch I'll try to have series included instead of just a tagme
Hm, I have a bunch of things that are pending to upload but the issue is they have folds and I think its sorta of a waste to upload them here and then have it uploaded again as a fixed version (save some bw). Anyone interested in photoshopping about 50+ images with folds?
torrent please