leon969696 said:
I check everyday your site, thank u so much for the amazing work you do
Are the Haikyuu!!, kuroko no basket and bleach complete ? (i mean, have all the pages), because it seems missing some arcs

About cgyaojiaohai, is too complicated and I thought was free, right now don't have money

Thank u again for answering my question, and please, keep up the amazing work in your site, also thanks Gamer101_123 and MetallicKaiser for me
They're not complete, but they are the same files as provided in the Cgyaojiaohai package. The same stuff gets reuploaded on multiple Chinese forums and Taobao.

I have more Bleach settei in the works from Gamer101_123, but it needs to be edited. So much to edit... such little free time.

And I'm happy you like it. :)