War: Earth's creatures VS the Virus
Year 2020.
The beginning of the year (well late 2019 actually) to now where we are at war with a tiny microscopic organism called a virus. Our way of life has changed globally now to the point a good amount of creatures are locked inside our homes more than usual (especially the older / disabled ones).

It wouldn't have got this bad if we took them more seriously at the start of it all. Our carelessness always gives our enemies a good start on us.

We are [currently] losing (as the enemy invades many places on Earth by using, weakening and even killing us) but we will prevail in the end. We always do. It just needs time and more brains to combat.

Keep your health up and keep the locations clean. Stay informed on information and procedures. With this as our weapon, the enemy can not gain / harm any more lives.
Stay strong everyone.
California has got ~1000 infections and 19 confirmed deaths since Feb 27. Not much in a state of 40 million. These levels are nowhere near Europe or Asia, but we have a statewide stay in place order. Hopefully we'll buy time for a treatment to come on the market.

And blaming whoever is in office isn't going to help any.

Glad yande.re is back up.
Hello people, long time lurker and decided to finally get an account and say hello. <3
Welcome aboard! I don't know what you fancy, but you can have a look around.

hello... luxluxlux... it's good that you decided to be a non lurker... wait... was yande.re down?...
hi! ^^ I'm searching artists that draw nice lingerie/underwear girls, and with nude version, any recommendations? thx!
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Hello, i’m new here and I’m wondering why I took so long to find this Website :o
Anyways can someone tell me what exactly is this all about? I mean a lot of pictures but also drawing and Github?
TGP said:
Anyways can someone tell me what exactly is this all about?
High resolution anime images and github is the repository for the site's code. Welcome btw
and scans... very nice high res scans... i wonder how are the others... i haven't heard from them for a while...
Wondering why yande.re didn't use Cloudflare service? The speed is still great here. But maybe it could cut CPU resource significantly.

Danbooru using it and it feels a little bit faster there.
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