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blood monochrome moo_(ikura29) seifuku

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Is she eating her big finger?
yes......she does.....and it's called forefinger..
*Yes, she is

Thank you for the info.
Actually I'm pretty sure that would be thumb
no...it's too thin to be a thumb...
Aside from the fact that all the other fingers but the thumb are pretty much entirely visible. But why bother focussing on such an irrelevant detail, honestly. Another utterly uninteresting fact is that this isn't monochrome since the red isn't a shade of black, it's red. And then there's the rather random fingertip on the bottom of her palm, about where the smear of blood starts. We've got three of them accounted for on that hand, so it's either going to be index, of which the tip isn't visible near the rest of it, or thumb. Which according to some isn't a finger but a digit in a class of its own. These are generally considered even more annoying people than me and I'm pretty sure I've now managed to fuss-budget (Lucy van Pelt, Peanuts weeh) about just about anyhting possible with this image short of it still not having an artist.

edit: next time I'll use some whitespace -.-
I don't want to be rude, but we can focus on whatever detail we want. Please don't be annoyed by so little. I like you, Chrissues, and this is why I'm telling you this. No problem about the whitespace. Take it easy. And you are right about the monochrome tag.
yeah..it's true that we can discuss on every detail, but he's right - it isn't very matter which finger is..it's only matters it is finger and she's eating it.........and it's cute (^.^).....
Alright um finger talk like gigantically long... Take to the OutoCuriosity Thread. We understand we like our fingers yey!
HEY!! It looks as if she was cut and shes licking the blood! ... not eating anything... O.O:
mirai-moro said:
HEY!! It looks as if she was cut and shes licking the blood! ... not eating anything... O.O:
Notice there are only 4 fingers clearly attached to her hand. Then look at how she holds her hand and try to imitate her. You'll realize you can hold the hand the way she holds it, and thus either she has her thumb cut, or is incredibly flexible with it to be able to hide it and has an enormously long pinkie instead.
I'm inclined to believe the author never thought about that aspect and intended to look like she has licking an open wound, not eating her thumb.
Does it matter which finger she ate?
The fact that this image is able to grab our attention and comments is reason enough for it to be deemed a 'thumbs-up' post.