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breast_hold dakimakura fixed miyafuji_yoshika school_swimsuit strike_witches swimsuits topless

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now someone do the other ones ~_~
when did yoshika become so well endowed? O_o
Last time I checked female swimwear was not baggy (except for drag shorts), there for it makes certain areas slightly reduced in size sometimes.
It is currently not fully dressed, so thats not that unusual. Considering it doesn't have the full swimsuit pulled up, should have that 'baggy' look.
You seem to have misunderstood. I wasn't commenting about the swimsuit currently being "baggy" I was referring to when it is pulled up and there for holding various places in a bit because it is not baggy.
Ah, yeah I probably misread. My bad.
We got Lynette left right? Sanya is done too.