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bleed_through bra cleavage detexted feet hanamiya_nagisa jpeg_artifacts kuroya_shinobu open_shirt pantsu seifuku thighhighs trumple undressing ushinawareta_mirai_wo_motomete

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Good Job? I can still see text on her face and chest, it is far from fixed.
You're seeing text that wasn't on the version with text?

It's bleed through, because Tech Gian pages are thiiiin. I used midzki's reduce bleed through process when I was stitching the pages together, but I couldn't get rid of all of it. :(
Again, i still can't see the said text. Sucks to have normal eyes.
amonrei said:
Again, i still can't see the said text. Sucks to have normal eyes.
On the face.
Hey Jellyfish, I was wondering if you remember specifically which Tech Gian this came from? Eeehh, seems to be smaller than B5 though. Either that or a bad quality. (・∀・;)
Noteblue's zip says it's the Feb. 2010 issue. I can't find anything about it on Tech Gian's website, but this summary seems to confirm it.
I never buy TG but it's height:B5 width:A4 as I remember. Denegeki hime is the largest eroge magazine which size is over A4. it needs 3 partial scans on posters, 2 partial scans on all pages.. (つ>△<)つ good relief photomerge worked perfectly (doesn't photoshop have batch photomerge? ヽ('ー`)ノ)
Thanks for the fix! ;3