bekkankou dakimakura feena_fam_earthlight stick_poster thighhighs yoake_mae_yori_ruriiro_na

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sooo... im wondering why this image is rated "safe" and is locked for rating... this looks more along the lines of "questionable", more for the skin showing above the thigh highs but below the wast and hem of the dress... though, the way the chest area is drawn could also cause problems... gonna change it to questionable
It's suggestive but it's safe for work.
She's not wearing a bra and that make here nipples almost visible. Other than that it's completely safe.
For some reason it was changed to "questionable" again. Changed to safe and locked the rating.
Oh my bad she is wearing a bra (of some sort, not sure what it's called) but the outer whatever was removed as I wasn't paying attention to her hands (that what she's holding that is)

I'm no expert on dresses so >.<
Safe by a country mile.