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naked nanaya_(daaijianglin) nipples panty_&_stocking_with_garterbelt stocking sword thighhighs

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all nice and pretty.. THEN

flat sword

I have a feeling that nanaya draw skull first and then draw face around it .__.
Nice picture. Flat sword is the mascot of this animation so maybe the artist wants to remain it as it should be, I guess
I think it'd be better to stick to either entirely "flat" or entirely...not-flat.
What the...

Since when is the "Naked" tag a char one?
Oh hell. Someone made a mistake. Well we can change the script back to general Kyou.

Okay...that was a bit weird. Now there's an ugly mistake dealing with "general:" when I changed "naked" to general. It happens to come with that one mistake of a "space".

Fixed "naked" to general tag script but now I need a moderator to destroy the tag "general:" in all posts with the tag "naked" associated with them.

It doesn't seem I can get rid of "general:" so I apologize for the mess.

Um actually the damage isn't as large as I thought it would've been. Going by the tag section, 15 posts was all that it applied. Went to each one with the tag section's help and deleted "general:".

Thank goodness...so mistake fixed. Now "general:" just needs to be removed from the tag section.
Sad that I can't do that so sorry for that.
another nasty image of stocking