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why is this questionable? i can't seem to find elements that say otherwise if i'm wrong please explain
questionable is the default for when uploading.. 90% of the time someone ask the same question, it's because simply the rating wasn't changed.
aoie_emesai said:
questionable is the default for when uploading..
Couldn't a fourth rating "unrated" be added as a default to the "explicit/questionable/safe"-trio?
As a possible, tiny improvement to the site.
That would accomplish nothing different from questionable or even auto-explicit. Since you don't know the rating you cannot let it through any filters. But it would still require checking by hand - like all tags and ratings.
I think it'd be pointless. More work for us and questionable will suffice for mostly all reasons. Even if it was improperly used, the only thing the rating do is to be used for blacklisting and I really doubt anyone has Q set for their blacklisting as rating E would even be used for that purpose.

Damn... a storm is incoming >.>