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Nice lineup. Beats Megami this time. The Aria and Denpa onna ones look great. Why are there still Strike Witches posters in every issue? Well, I'm not complaining...
Pretty bad this month if you ask me :) + I miss Astarotte posters this time :)
Looks average. I only see a few I liked. Megami seems better for me this month.
Well, I like the Aria, Denpa, SW and Maria ones. And the one on the lower right which I can't identify.
coolman2009 said:
lower right Sengoku Otome
Huh? That's Mio from Strike Witches.
Bluesfear said:
he means lower left
And me as well. Sorry!
It was already uploaded...
mikukami said:
Please read howto:comment before you did pointless comment.
That Mio/Strike Witches one'll be quite a long time, seeing as it's a Dakimakura.
shebang said:
Please use a safer avatar next time.