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golden_darkness pantsu skirt_lift to_love_ru transparent_png vector_trace

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lol why is this tagged black cat AND to love ru?

I don't know to love ru well enough to know if she's a character or I'd fix it.
Because To-Love-Ru had a Yami-chan which can be described as an Eve clone. Same hair colour, same kawaii-ness, same superpowers .
btw, i couldnt find this picture anywhere in my volume of Comp H 8... care to point out the exact page for me?
This is definitely Golden Darkness (aka Yami-chan) from ToLoveRu, it's her exact standard outfit she's wearing.
Yami-chan~ i like her more than Eve because her twintails exposing more cuteness of her!
Well this is normal because both: To Love Ru and Black Cat are creations from Kentaro Yabuki (story & art).. By the way... I love this character *_*
Why am I feeling so warm by just wathching her. Really into that kind cutie.