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areola asagiri_mai august bekkankou bra cleavage dakimakura pantsu see_through seifuku sheets shimapan yoake_mae_yori_ruriiro_na

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so.....does anybody have the new dakimakuras up already???
JoeCresent said:
so.....does anybody have the new dakimakuras up already???
Exactly what, and why are you asking?
the partial scans or full size..... just to add them up to the dakimakura collection that i have
You could just crop these two images out.

And just so you know, there's really only a single person out there who scans dakimakura covers. Sure he scans a LOT, but it's not like he's gonna scan every single cover in existence.

One more thing: this cover is 7 years old.
i guess youre right, ill just crop it out and ill try to retrace it as vector on a bigger size. It'll give me something to do on my free time.... hell, it's good proyect to test out CS6 on my new toch screen next week......
Huh, I'm not sure why I didn't see those two and only saw the other two of her drawn by some terribad artist.