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code_geass lelouch_lamperouge screening shinozaki_sayoko toi8 watermark

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Will everyone please check the quality of their scans before uploading? This is starting to piss me off.
Notwithstanding the quality, I thought it was worth uploading since there are other Boku ni Hibi scans around. Apparently I was wrong? Sorry, I still don't know what's good for uploading and what's not. Is this one (post #63235) okay?
It isn't just your scans which are getting on my nerves today. I'm asking uploaders to at least make a basic visual check of what they are uploading, and tag it with a fault tag where possible.

The two you mentioned weren't tagged with a fault tag. I doubt very much processing these scans can 'fix' them, but I'll leave that up to our PS experts.