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No twintail tag any more? T T <---twintail-con

btw, plz mod help to add tag_implication in request. :P
Okay... while looking through the implications. I've noticed that instead of using terms synonymous b/t each tags, the request of implications are just to ease and merge tags of similar series.

ex. Final Fantasy.

I'll have to make a post of this on the Forums.

-- hum... not too sure if a hair style is good as a tag...
I'm still in progress with the forums post, so save more of your comments till then velen :)

While I jump onto IRC ^^
Okay, just wasn't sure if you knew it was discussed before.
fireattack said:
No twintail tag any more? T T <---twintail-con
<---twintail-con as well. However, tagging guidelines don't allow tagging by hair style, so I got rid of all twintail tags.
If you think its useful then the rules can be changed.....I just don't want to see a million tags for one image..
Donald, aoie, not Ronald ;)
btw, what does 'original' mean?
It means original character in my opinion. :P
just quick checked tag history, davac had used that tag over 1 year ago, then it seems to be demolished.
Err, I'm curious what the cheat sheet in history is.
It's a tag used mostly on danbooru for original works.