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World needs more of them... specially Kotomi's.
TyxoC said:
'loli' is for explicit stuff.
Only rating:e loli, rating:e shota and extreme_content are in the default blacklists.
I was just saying what I read in the 'tagging guidlines'. Now I'm not sure anymore ... Should we add the 'loli' tag on every loli picture or only explicit ones ?
there is lots of taged non loli explict pictures so go ahead.

I think the point is that pictures who got loli and explict need to have the loli tag.
The loli tag should really only be used on E pictures, but I guess some of the Q material should be tagged as such.

Does anyone blacklist rating:q loli ?
loli = only explicit? if you don't want to see explicit, blacklist e. if you don't want to see loli explicit, blacklist e and loli. how would us, who like to see non-explicit loli, search for them if loli is only explicit?
+1 to asterixvader, loli should be kept as a tag for any character who appears loli. Just because it's not explicit doesn't make it any less loli.
I hope you aren't talking about safe material? 90% of the artwork here would be tagged as loli then.
Radioactive - uh, yeah. Loli is loli, not tagging it as loli makes the tags worthless.
Aurelia said:
Radiosity - Any issues with that?
Well personally I'd prefer it if safe images had the tag too since I DO like to search for loli occasionally, regardless of if it's safe or not, and no tag on safe images means I can't do that. But eh, seems I'm the minority here so I guess I can't really argue with that definition.
Rad, use tag search "-male -mecha -urushihara" =D
Don't need to, I just have those blacklisted instead ;p
Well it's so weird that all this danbuuros always seem to miss what LOLI really stand for, Loli is not always explict, in fact I prefer it non explict and more 'moe', loli have always been a type of look for an character but thats about it.

Plus Loli have nothing to do with 'age' or 'young' :P either it only have to do with look :P Or else characters like Sasami, Len and so on would never be classified lolis :P but they are.
Aurelia said:
loli means spoiler at danbooru
"Cute, work-safe images of fully clothed girls should not be tagged as loli."
umm... so if I want to see non-explicit loli pics then how am I supposed to search for them? Because that's what I DO want to do.
It's a very good point, but you must understand that cute girls were never tagged as such when the site started. Do you want to go through 74k images and tag the non-Q/E images?

Remember that loli is
Yeah, that's exactly what I said in the other comments I made. This should probably go into the forum actually, we've got a couple of detached yet related threads running in comments at the moment which confuses things.

See post #88496 for my latest comment on this, which echoes what azarel just said.
Can you start something in the forum please?
Radioactive said:
Remember that loli is
yeah it says Lolicon, direct translated Pedophile if you want it that way. LOL Loli is however not Lolicon, The western comuntiy have just tried to mask the original meening of the word not that there is anything bad with that as words meens different in different languages.

But anyhow Loli != Lolicon
midzki said:
loli means spoiler at danbooru
And danbooru sucks. Banishing the photoshop and uncensored works to claim that wouldn't be art. hah, such a bunch of "great artist" with big skills in lying to themself. As if they would use hentai for anything other than fapping...