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This is a *TRUE* scan ^_^. I can see the rip from the middle. If we don't have another copy of this one, i'll fix it.

I'll wait for a response while I search the data base for one.
The scan is no good. I'm not sure who the original scanner is but, it's either the image stock to begin with when it was in the book or the scanner didn't flatten the paper enough when scanning (you can see the page hasn't been flatten all the way, since there's a crease near the top of the image which I have supplied you for reference, so about 3-4% of the image is loss due to that). It's impossible without a good amount of vectoring.

ex - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v639/aoie_emesai/test_001.jpg
If you have a tablet you can technically redraw the missing portion, best of luck way out of my skill set