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aizawa_hikaru microsoft shinia sketch thighhighs wallpaper

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See, Microsoft knows how to advertise to me... I'm still not going to use Silverlight or IE, but still, this would probably convince me to if I had never used FF or Chrome.
See: OS-tans. 3.11-tan is the cutest IMHO... ^_^
My preference of the OS-tan will always be CE, for twin tails are still fearsome.
3.1-tan is fan made.
Until Win7 MS never made a tan, and they only did it because they saw what the Vocaloid's did.
Ponnkun said:
I'm still not going to use Silverlight or IE
I'm not into IE either, but you can use Silverlight plugin for FF. In terms of usage, I don't see anything wrong with more accessibility. Only complaint is how them make things more complicated now.
LOL for hellspeed R-18 Silverlight images in pixiv.
SciFi said:
3.1-tan is fan made.
Yes, I know. But I like her.