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looks like she's standing in a pool of urine
everyone knows that's L.C.L.
fireattack said:
everyone knows that's L.C.L.
Still doesn't make it look any less disgusting - especially since LCL is actually one of the more disgusting things in the series. Breathing in a liquid while piloting a mech? That's one of the weirdest, most disgusting mech-design ideas that I can think of. There's no reason to get particularly hung up on it, I suppose - particularly given how good Evangelion is overall - but it's still disgusting.
you're quite talkative today, kalessin

heh :P
I don't see how liquid breathing is disgusting.
Kalessin said:
but it's still disgusting.
You do realise that you did that you were 'breathing' fluid in your mothers womb?
That was the reason he used the L.C.L. fluid, The entry plug was an analog of a womb.
also, the pilot doesnt even need to breathe anymore in the lcl, in the first movie it was explained that lcl can suplly oxygen directly to one's lungs once filled. that same effect prevented shinji to suffocate in several occasions later on
Watch the Abyss, you will understand.

Good image btw
Oh, I understand why they did it with the whole analogy with the womb, but I find it to be disgusting. Shinji even commented that the stuff smelled like blood.