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amamiya_yuuko detexted ef_~a_fairytale_of_the_two~ fixed himura_yuu nanao_naru wings

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greyc -p 0.8 -a 0.8 -alpha 1 -sigma 1 -interp 1 -fast -alt with light masking over the feathers
ohh interesting ^ ^
is that a command line for a separate program or settings for some PS plugin?
and how do you create a lightmask? oO
forum #2007. Masking is done manually; I just copied the layer, filtered the copy, and masked to the original where necessary.
i see, thank you for the explanation.
As this is a CD Booklet, fixing its gap had been very hard...
I have failed fixing it for several times...
It's so great to have such a wonderful version
Well for me getting rid of the texture was where i failed, fixing the gap wasn't that hard.. not harder than on the other images i tried...